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I was the last year in my university to not have animation be a large part of our Graphic Design corse. With digital media becoming a main part of every-day life being able to animate is a hot commodity. Most job applications have animation as a top priority. 

Learning to Animate is not an easy task but there are so many good tutorials on Youtube that I have found helpful. This monster is my first ever complex animation. The learning curve is steep but well worth it. I hope to post more animations soon.

The Steep Learning Curve of Animation



After spending the first chunk of lock down in the country side enjoying afternoon lunch in the garden, coming back to my shared house in London was difficult. I spent most days trying to figure out how I could distract myself from the world outside world and in that search I found gouch. After meany life drawing lessons using all sorts of mediums I still hadn't tried Gouch but in a frenzy of online shopping I had already bought everything I needed. 

The next day I was painting and here are some of my finished and unfinished Pieces 

1st July 2020

20th May 2020

Keeping Up With Trends

During lock down the internet has gone wild with new trends to keep busy and Ticktock has become the backing force behind them. One of my favourite that seems to have cropped up recently in the resurgence of hand crafted fashion, Crochet being at the forefront of this trend. 

As a child I was taught to crochet by my nan so I already had back ground knowledge on the subject. So in my effort to keep myself busy I yet again decided to learn some new skills and in the process made my dad this rather fetching rainbow scarf. 

20th May 2020


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